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Al Mallah

For over 30 years, Al Mallah Cafeteria has been a staple in Lebanese fast food and dine-in experience in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Founded in 1979, Al Mallah had its humble beginnings as a juice joint on a street corner in Dubai. Over the 40 years, Al Mallah has evolved its menu to introduce authentic Lebanese food in its own unique style. Currently, Al Mallah has six branches in Dubai and Sharjah. Al Mallah prides itself with over 150+ menu items covering a wide range of pastries, shawarmas, falafel, sandwiches, grills, snacks, fresh juices, and our signature shakes and cocktails. Alongside the quality and taste of the food and beverages, Al Mallah aims to serve a unique experience in ambiance. From bright green neon lights to seats alongside the main road, Al Mallah offers a dining experience like no other. And for the people on the go, Al Mallah is still true to its origins, a takeaway joint with extremely fast turnaround time. Putting all that together, Al Mallah has something from everyone; from the person fancying a quick bite to the groups who want to enjoy a Lebanese-style dinner and from the walkers on the streets of Dubai to those cruising around in their cars. Today, with its current branches, Al Mallah continues to serve its unique style of Arabic and Lebanese food to UAE citizens, residents, and tourists.

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