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Baba Mahmoud

The traditional essence of herbal freshness, created and transformed into modern, delicious, healthy and thirst quenching beverages. The ethos behind Baba Mahmoud incorporates the impact and sensation we have all experienced in our connections with our father, in one way or another. REAL INSPIRATION – The brand was born on Baba Mahmoud’s life, the father of our Founder who has lived through all the extremes that life could throw at him yet managed to pass through it all with one simple focus, be healthy. REAL EXPERIENCE – Baba Mahmoud only had 10 doctor appointments even after decades had passed. He stands with a philosophy of using only natural ingredients through all aspects of physical and mental health. BABA MAHMOUD is a father to everyone who is concerned especially on your health! AIM – to provide the community with quality food and drinks that are:
•Healthy and refreshing
•Antioxidant and energy booster
•Reasonable price and conveniently available
•Delicious and Detoxifying..

VISION – To introduce in UAE and later on to other parts of the world, regionally familiar of natural ingredients and combinations to the global cultures, providing products for all and delivered from a simple and friendly environment. BABA MAHMOUD – make it your preferred healthy choice, from a nostalgic trip or new experience. 

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