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The historical meaning of the name “Anousheh” is to live forever, for eternity, which is also the ethos and core value of our Gallery. Located on the banks of the Dubai Creek, the Anousheh Gallery holds an abundance of “one of a kind” collectible pieces for the most important place in your life, your home. very single piece crafted by hand, uniquely and meticulously designed by individual artists, creating the ultimate gift, the strongest investment and the perfect inspiration in your daily life. Among these creations in the gallery are selected “masterpieces,” created by artists both past and present, sculpted and designed with passion and precision. From carpets to display pieces, everything is essentially functionality combined with beauty, quality with value. When you want to be different, when you want to make a difference, when you want to be individual, and when you want to make a statement, stop by the gallery of uniqueness, ‘the Anousheh Gallery.’

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